New Sports Clothing for Oregon State University

For the season 2008, Oregon State University will be wearing a new football uniform. It will be a flash back to the history and heritage of the school as Nike, the sponsor of this sports clothing, hook up a traditional football jersey design.

This jersey will be available for the fans starting on August 28 before the first game at Stanford and can be ordered in advance through the new game-day and online apparel store for Oregon State Athletics

Though classic with its design, this clothing will still use the latest technology used by Nike.

Innovative fit - the new jersey has an updated design and incorporates new performance fabrics producing a tight shrink-wrapped fit. This minimizes grab points.

Weight reduction - both the jersey and pants are significantly lighter weight. Players are carrying less weight throughout the course of a game.

Improved moisture management - both jerseys and pants are produced with fabrics that hold far less moisture, thus carrying less weight.

Increased ventilation - light weight mesh is added in areas traditionally covered by non-breathable fabrics. In the upper back neck and under arms where heat can escape (areas not covered by thick plastic & foam shoulder pads).

New Vols Road Uniform

If the specs are correct, it appears that the old-school orange pants from the days of Johnny Majors may make a big comeback for the road games this season. That’s a HUGE change seeing how the Vols haven’t worn the orange pants with the white stripes since 1992. They’ve always worn the white-on-white under Fulmer, but apparently, the buzz surrounding the orange-on-orange that UT wore in the SEC Championship Game last year was considerable enough for adidas to make some changes.

Also, noticeably absent from these specs are the black uniforms that all the youngsters/Georgia wannabes want the Vols to adopt.

The other subtle but welcome changes are as follows:

1.) The name on the back of the road jerseys will now be in orange (according to the specs) — just like the old days — rather than the black that UT has sported in the recent past.

2.) The numbers will be on the sleeves rather than the shoulders.

Again, notice the adidas logo on the bottom. These are authentic specs, and while we here at 3SIB cannot guarantee that the orange pants will ever be worn on the field, they are assuredly an option since adidas has made them.

Sports Clothing Technology by Reebok

Here’s current technology being used by Reebok to bring out quality clothing and give a mark for technological advancement in sportswear.

Kinetic Fit

Kinetic Fit System accommodates the changes in size and shape of an athlete's foot as it moves. It uses engineered stretch panels


X-Static silver embedded fibers help regulate body temperature and a powerful antimicrobial repels odor and sweat

Play Dry

This base layer moves moisture, accelerates evaporation, increases ventilation, and reduces abrasion without trapping the body's thermal energy

Play Warm

This cover layer creates dead air space to slow the body's thermal energy loss, while helping disperse moisture initiated by the playdry base layer.

Play Shield

This outer layer's breathable linings, friction reducing fabrics, strategic venting, and ergonomic construction are superior for any weather performance.

Here's some of their sports clothing:

see here for more clothing.

Nike PreCool Vest – Sports Body Heatsink

To keep athletes cool at the world's biggest sporting event Nike has unveiled the PreCool Vest. Developed specially for the Bejing Olympics the vest has multiple triangular cavities of various sizes and inside there is frozen water. This vest is recommended to be used about an hour before the athlete competes. It should be use for the normal warm-up of the player, remove then compete thus cooling your skin and lowering your body temperature and making the athlete last 21% longer. The vest is made with two different materials, the first acts as a thermos, preventing the cold from escaping and the second helps to keep the body cool.

Nike Wildwood 90 Free Trail

Presenting the latest shoes by Nike – the Nike Wildwood 90 Free Trails. This uses a metallic snakeskin-like material and fresh white colored body thus sports to a shiny, comfy and clean clothing look to your foot.

It may come equipped with the ACG logo, but it appears to be ready to be taken out for a walk on the moon instead. Nevertheless, it’s hard to hate something so shiny and bright, whether it is a hybrid model or not.

These will be available soon at Nike retailers.