Blue Breeze Odor-Eliminating Sportswear

Active sports and fitness programs involve lots of good, healthy perspiration, but odors are not welcome in most social situations. Applying chemicals to the skin can cause irritation and block natural pathways for the body’s cooling and cleansing systems. The quandary; “work out -- or smell clean?”

A brand-new odor-eliminating technology from Japan solves that dilemma. Blue Breeze t-shirts, socks, sportswear and towels let the active person work out without worry as the natural cotton fibers wick away sweat and neutralize elements that cause what is often termed “body odor.”

“Sweat is actually odorless,” explains Blue Breeze Arnold Yoshida, President of FMJ USA Corporation. “Bacteria on the skin react with sweat, creating sour or ammonia-type odorants. Blue Breeze neutralizes those substances, rendering the sweat odorless once more.”

Blue Breeze t-shirts, socks and headbands and caps keep expensive sports gear in tip-top condition by preventing odor formation. At the same time, skin stays healthier with the slightly acidic pH of Blue Breeze fibers—the optimum environment for human skin—preventing rashes, infections and even unattractive sock imprints on the legs.

Dancers love the freedom they have with Blue Breeze. “Feet are so important,” choreographer Lan Lee asserts. “For a dancer, being able to keep the feet warm, dry and comfortable can mean the difference between dancing your best or dancing in pain. Blue Breeze socks keep feet and dance shoes in top shape. And using the Blue Breeze sweat bands and towels lets the dancer stay fresh even during intense periods of training and performing.”

Blue Breeze caps help keep protective headgear odor-free. Football, baseball and hockey players, competitive equestrians, cyclists and motor sports enthusiasts spend long periods in hard helmets under grueling stressful conditions. Blue Breeze comfortable skullcaps keep sweat—and odors—away, letting the player focus on more important goals.

After hard physical exercise, Blue Breeze towels and washcloths are perfect for cleanup, but also keep locker and sports bags fresh-smelling. And to revive the fabric’s odor-eliminating power, just toss it into the washer and dryer, with a normal wash. It keeps working--virtually forever.

Blue Breeze products work naturally, reducing dependence on chemicals and cleansers that can harm the skin and respiratory system as well as the environment. Also, they free up busy professionals who can now grab a workout during the day and return to work smelling and feeling great.

Winter sports are even more enjoyable with Blue Breeze accessories. Ski boots, skates and even the high-fashion boots worn in and out of doors stay in pristine condition with Blue Breeze socks. And the headband and cap keeps ears and head warm on the slopes, even as they keep skin and hair odor-free.

Blue Breeze products are an investment in one’s health, allowing users to pursue fitness training in confidence, eliminating odors without any harsh chemicals. Feel great—and smell wonderful—secure in the knowledge that your active lifestyle doesn’t create pungent odors, and your sports equipment is just as fresh as you are.

For more information about Blue Breeze products, check the website:

Jerseys: a fashion must for both ladies and gents

With the Super Bowl drawing near, Penn State students are getting ready to gear up and represent their team of choice.

Jerseys have pervaded every aspect of fashion. From Beaver Stadium to the Marc Jacobs runway, the sporty style makes a bold statement about what you stand for and which team you support.

There are many aspects that are important to consider when buying a jersey, such as the size, style and player number.

"One of the biggest things about buying a jersey is buying it one size bigger so that people can layer under it," Matt Germino, sales floor manager of The Family Clothesline, 352 E. College Ave., said. "That way it's not rendered totally useless when it's cold."

The player's number is also important when buying a jersey. Although the NCAA doesn't permit colleges to print players' names on the back, people choose numbers based on players' statistics and years of eligibility, Germino said.

Men's jerseys are typically made larger and roomier so if girls don't buy jerseys tailored to women, they usually buy youth jerseys that are slimmer and shorter to fit better, said Glenn Barker, sales associate at Rapid Transit, 115 S. Allen St.

"You can make jerseys whatever you want them to be," Gabriella Griffith (freshman-civil engineering) said. "I'm a real girly girl so if it's warm out I like to wear my jersey with a jean skirt or colored shorts, but if it's cold I usually just wear jeans and a long-sleeve shirt underneath."

It's important to look at the brand of the jersey, because Alex Cohen (sophomore-marketing), a member of Paternoville and Nittany Nation, said not all jerseys are made equal.

"Jerseys are important because it's the most recognized symbol of your team," Cohen said. "When I am going to buy a jersey I look for one that has a specific meaning to me, like the Rose Bowl patch, because of what it signifies."

Besides the significance of patches, price is also an important factor.

Sports jerseys are expensive depending on how authentic they are, but fans are willing to dish out the money to wear something the players are wearing, Cohen said.

"I tend to buy more expensive jerseys for the teams I care more about," Alyssa Dilsaver (sophomore-engineering) said. "My Penn State jersey was expensive but my Eagles jersey was pretty cheap."

Greg Norman Collection introduces Fall Collection

The Fall 2008 Collection from Greg Norman Collection, leading worldwide golf inspired lifestyle apparel and accessories brand, is nothing less than polished.

Greg Norman Collection continues to maintain its position as a global leader of golf-inspired sportswear that combines Performance, Luxury and Style. The Collection has a variety of dynamic, performance driven and luxury touch styles which include the Essentials, Performance, Classics and Fashion categories. Each of these styles carry their own signature fashion, technology based performance, comfortable feel and fit.

The Fall 2008 Essentials offering is part of its commitment, as it brings a variety of innovative products with updated styles for the season. Continuing its pledge to improve, Greg Norman Collection introduces pima modal sweaters in this season. These are not typical golf sweaters rather luxury sportswear pieces designed with the golfer in mind. A blend of mercerized pima cotton and Modal® promises softness on the first wear and the softness remains even after repeated washings. The styling is subtle yet seen with detailed stitching on neck, cuffs and hem.

In this winter season, the brand introduces a variety of cotton sweaters to choose from. Cotton sweaters look every bit as elegant as their wool counterparts; however they aren't itchy and it’s a great way to stay warm, look great and be comfortable. Another big plus for Greg Norman sweaters are that they are all machine washable. It's never itchy, always soft, stays bright and remains fresh through many wearings and washings.

As the demand for performance continues, Greg Norman Collection maintains its distinction among the competition with unparallel innovations using superior microfilament yarns unique to the market. Play Dry ® technology pulls away moisture from the skin—transports it to the garment’s outer layer—eventually evaporating into air. Play Dry is easily cared for, feels good against the skin, and looks great on and off the course. You stay cool, dry and comfortable. Performance from GNC promises- Moisture wicking, Quick penetration and dispersion, Pill – resistance, Saturated color, Easy- care characteristics and UPF protection.

Also a part of season collection is Fashion group with its inspiration from Saint – Germain and Cote D’Azur. Situated on the left bank of Paris, the neighborhood of Saint-Germain is a destination that will charm and provoke a sense old world style. A distinct mix of artistry is found among the always - open narrow market-lined streets from Parisian cafes to the scenic Jardins du Luxembourg. Cote D’Azur, the French Riviera, from Saint – Tropez to Monaco, is the ultimate resort destination known for upscale life and a connection to elite Hollywood. With Mediterranean Sea as its background, picturesque blue ports cover the coast as high villages above offer incomparable views of sun-drenched beaches.

The outlook which Greg Norman Collection has put into its Fall 2008 Collection is grand, creative and remarkable. Available at Greg Norman Collection stores, the prices of the collection range from Rs.650/- to Rs 12500/-.

Le Coq Sportif comes to the region

Le Coq Sportif, the leading French sportswear brand with a rooster crowing in its logo, was launched at a glittering event at Club Alpha, Le Meridian Hotel, Dubai.

The company founded in 1895, has been producing sports equipment such as shoes, shorts and T-shirts and derives its name from the Gallic Rooster, a national symbol of France. These sporty products will available across leading sportswear outlets in the UAE and KSA.

The Le Coq Sportiff brand has been brought into the Middle East by Urban Gear LLC, a well known distributor of Sports & Lifestyle products, with a strong presence in UAE & Saudi Arabia.

The Le Coq Sportif brand has a rich history/heritage behind it. The company has had sponsorship deals with many well-known soccer clubs such as Sheffield United, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Carlisle United, Queens Park Rangers (until the end of 2007/08 season, Manchester City (as of 2007-08), and Hibernian. Amongst the cycling teams, the brand sponsors the Quick Step-Innergetic and Team Milram. Le Coq Sportif also provided the technical sports kit to Team Tottenham Hotspur that won the FA Cup in 1981.

As for the FIFA World Cup of 1986, the sports kit for the winning team Argentina, was provided by none another than Le Coq Sportif. It currently supplies the sports kit for the national football team of Algeria and it has an endorsement deal with NBA Basketball star player, Joakim Noah.

Most recently it was announced that Le Coq Sportif starting the 2009-2010 season will provide the T-shirts for the Everton Football Club Players.

Commenting on the launch of Le Coq Sportif in the region, Mr. Sebastien Jarrot –Manager, International Business at Le Coq Sportif said: “At Le Coq Sportif, we relentlessly re-assess our approach and corporate policies, which are based on the guiding principles of diversification. Thus, we see the Middle East region, in tune with our objectives and particularly the UAE and KSA region as an important market for us as we see a growing need for a sporty lifestyle brand.”

He added further, “The Le Coq Sportif brand is based on heritage, elegance, passion, sincerity and distinctiveness, thus will fulfill the desire of the highly fashion conscious GCC customers."

Speaking on behalf of Urban Gear LLC, Mr Syed Basha, Executive Director said, “At Urban Gear our objective is to ensure that some of the finest brands in sportswear are available in this region. We are certain that Le Coq Sportif will be well-accepted by the GCC customer and the brand will find a strong footing in the region.”

The Le Spotif Brand will offer a range of sports equipment for both men and women ranging from Shoes, Shorts, T-shirts, Knitted Jackets and Sports Bags.

New Sports Style

It’s time to give your 2009 fitness regime a serious kick-start with some stylish togs.

New fitness gear can provide the motivation you need to pound the pavements, hit the pool or tackle the gym with gusto.

What’s more, sporty style is having a moment on the catwalks too. Gucci, Chloe and Preen all showed off sexy sportswear-inspired pieces in their spring/summer collections.

Proving her designer sportswear is practical as well as stylish, Stella McCartney also enlisted the help of Olympics Team GB to model her new S/S09 collection for Adidas.

Whatever your activity, whether you want to shed the post-Christmas calories or keep up with the hottest catwalk looks, sportswear is where it’s at.

Emma Matthews, womenswear buyer for JD Sports, says comfort is key.

“To make the most of your money, try to buy outfits that are multi-functional and can be used for a number of activities.

“A versatile kick flare is a good investment and you can always update your outfit with a less costly new tank.”

Here’s how to pick up the fashion pace for the new year in sporty chic.

Sportswear for active adults goes hi-tech as Vital eco-wear redefines fit-for-purpose design

Vital eco-wear is developing innovative fabrics incorporating state-of-the-art, bio-functional fibers to produce garments that introduce a new level of fit-for-purpose sportswear. Employing techniques based on nano-technology, computerized body mapping, and the textile industry's latest equipment for seamless manufacture, Vital eco-wear sportswear is designed to meet the particular needs of the type of sport engaged in, reflected in its 4 product lines. But more than this, each garment incorporates different combinations of fibers and knits to respond to the varying needs of different parts of the body. "Whether the particular body area needs extra support, enhanced stretch, or extra ventilation, the garment will be designed to seamlessly match every need," says Talya Hanan, textile expert andVital eco-wear CEO and founder.

Fabrics custom designed for performance

Each ofVital eco-wear's 4 product lines - Yoga & More, Workout & Fitness, Outdoor Action, and Winter Sports - feature custom designed fabrics:
Yoga & More garments are made from ecologically-friendly fabric eco-DEOSOFT - a super-soft fabric containing natural bamboo fibers with anti-bacterial properties that keep the garment naturally fresh and deodorized, while the fibers' micro-gaps let the skin breath. The new Workout & Fitness fabric, eco-COMFORMANCE, consists of bamboo, micro-polypropylene and elastin, offering high performance with enhanced comfort. In addition to the natural fibers' anti-bacterial properties and micro-gaps that let the skin breathe, extra elastin gives these garments the needed elasticity for stretch and control. Outdoor Action garments are made from eco-AERODRY - an eco-friendly fabric based on recycled materials, using activated carbon from coconut shells. This gives the fabric high performance properties including wicking, or drawing moisture away from the skin for quick evaporation on the fabric's surface, odor absorption, and even natural UV protection. eco-AERODRY is designed to keep the wearer cool, dry and fresh. To meet the needs of Winter Sports, geared toward a more extreme form of outdoor sports, Vital eco-wear developed eco-THERMAL, a fabric consisting of BeCool™ polyamide, polypropylene and elastin. In addition to its advanced temperature regulating properties keeping the body dry and warm, Winter Sports garments include seamlessly built-in areas of extra protection and 3D stretch.

With a further range of innovative fabrics under development, Vital eco-wear plans to incorporate advanced copper fibers that offer skin-soothing and enhancing properties, with further fabric development even looking at options for medication-delivering fibers.

The first to target today's growing population of active adults, Vital eco-wear offers solutions that meet the sportswear needs of this market niche, while satisfying their sophistication regarding advanced apparel. The combination of computerized body-mapping and seamless manufacture allows Vital eco-wear to produce a line of uniquely customized sportswear combining bio-functional fabrics with optimal user comfort. Vital eco-wear looks forward to redefining standards of high performance, fit-for-purpose sportswear.