Jerseys: a fashion must for both ladies and gents

With the Super Bowl drawing near, Penn State students are getting ready to gear up and represent their team of choice.

Jerseys have pervaded every aspect of fashion. From Beaver Stadium to the Marc Jacobs runway, the sporty style makes a bold statement about what you stand for and which team you support.

There are many aspects that are important to consider when buying a jersey, such as the size, style and player number.

"One of the biggest things about buying a jersey is buying it one size bigger so that people can layer under it," Matt Germino, sales floor manager of The Family Clothesline, 352 E. College Ave., said. "That way it's not rendered totally useless when it's cold."

The player's number is also important when buying a jersey. Although the NCAA doesn't permit colleges to print players' names on the back, people choose numbers based on players' statistics and years of eligibility, Germino said.

Men's jerseys are typically made larger and roomier so if girls don't buy jerseys tailored to women, they usually buy youth jerseys that are slimmer and shorter to fit better, said Glenn Barker, sales associate at Rapid Transit, 115 S. Allen St.

"You can make jerseys whatever you want them to be," Gabriella Griffith (freshman-civil engineering) said. "I'm a real girly girl so if it's warm out I like to wear my jersey with a jean skirt or colored shorts, but if it's cold I usually just wear jeans and a long-sleeve shirt underneath."

It's important to look at the brand of the jersey, because Alex Cohen (sophomore-marketing), a member of Paternoville and Nittany Nation, said not all jerseys are made equal.

"Jerseys are important because it's the most recognized symbol of your team," Cohen said. "When I am going to buy a jersey I look for one that has a specific meaning to me, like the Rose Bowl patch, because of what it signifies."

Besides the significance of patches, price is also an important factor.

Sports jerseys are expensive depending on how authentic they are, but fans are willing to dish out the money to wear something the players are wearing, Cohen said.

"I tend to buy more expensive jerseys for the teams I care more about," Alyssa Dilsaver (sophomore-engineering) said. "My Penn State jersey was expensive but my Eagles jersey was pretty cheap."


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